Addressing Grease Shortages Starts with Soap Thickeners – Polyurea, lithium complex, and calcium sulfonate most popular thickeners

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Grease compatibility is on the minds of a lot of maintenance managers these days. They are finding that the greases they have been using for years for on-highway, off-highway and industrial applications are in short [...]

Fluid Analysis – an Investment that Pays: Reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and extend your equipment life

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Healthy fluids are critical to the performance of a heavy-duty vehicle, whether it’s a long-haul truck or an excavator on a construction site. From the engine oil to the coolant to the transmission, gear and [...]

The Cold Truth: Synthetic Oils Shine in WinterSelect an oil that meets the demands of your hardware and operating climate

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Are synthetic oils better than conventional oils?” We hear this question all the time, and we don’t have a yes-or-no answer. It depends on so many factors, including the mix of equipment in your fleet [...]

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