How Light Duty Diesel Trucks and Pickups can Benefit from Synthetic Oils

Light duty, diesel-powered pickup trucks are amazingly versatile. People use them in their businesses as well as for weekend recreation – and sometimes both. You might see a carpenter or gardener using a Ford, Dodge or GMC pickup to haul a load of wood or lawn equipment, or an outdoor enthusiast using the same vehicle to tow a camper to the mountains or a boat trailer for a fishing trip. Whether for work or enjoyment, people who drive pickups tend to take a measure of pride in them and want to take care of them. And that includes using an engine oil that will help optimize performance and extend vehicle life.

Given the varied demands on diesel pickups, individual owners and fleet operators stand to benefit from today’s full synthetic diesel engine oils. Recent years have seen a trend toward synthetics across the automotive spectrum, from heavy duty trucks to passenger cars, as OEMs strive to meet stricter fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards. For light duty diesel vehicles, synthetics are shown to deliver excellent durability, extended engine life, all-temperature performance, and longer intervals between oil changes, resulting in lower maintenance costs. They enable smooth start-ups on cold winter days, while resisting oxidation in the summer heat. And they provide reliable wear protection in all driving conditions, whether picking up the kids from school or pulling a heavy load to a job site.

Recognizing that diesel pickup owners and operators could benefit from these trends, Chevron has introduced a premium full synthetic oil specifically for the light duty diesel market: Chevron Delo® XSP 15W-40. While it is sufficiently robust for independent heavy-duty owner operators and fleets, Chevron Delo XSP 15W-40 is geared to the light-duty diesel pickup driver or fleet manager who wants the benefits of a full synthetic. It meets the North America standards of both light duty and heavy-duty OEMs, including Ford, Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Volvo-Mack. It is also suitable for gasoline engines, meaning that if your business has a mix of diesel- and gas-powered pickups, you only need one oil on hand for all your lubrication needs.

Chevron Delo XSP 15W-40 is available exclusively at Walmart Stores and on, bringing the benefits of a professional-grade, premium full synthetic oil to the wider consumer and small business market.


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