Lubrication Challenges for Hybrid Vehicles


This is a reminder of Delo® 600 ADF’s registration against Cummins Engineering Standard 20092, authorizing both viscosity grades for use in Cummins mobile natural gas engines. This makes Delo 600 ADF the only ultra-low ash heavy duty engine oil approved for use in diesel and CNG engine fleets.

When Chevron introduced Delo 600 ADF in 2019, our intent was to solve the problem of ash build-up coming from the engine oil additive package in diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Delo 600 ADF has a lot of characteristics that line up well with the Cummins CES 20092 specification for mobile natural gas engine oils. As the leading manufacturer of natural gas engines in North America, Cummins has essentially set the de facto industry standard for mobile natural gas engine oils, or MNGEOs. The Cummins MNGEO specification calls for far less ash than a conventional diesel oil – the core differentiator of Delo 600 ADF.

This listing is the culmination of a multi-year effort, in close collaboration with Oronite, to fulfill the engine testing, bench testing, and field-testing requirements associated with this standard. The Product Data Sheets, linked below, reflect the latest approval. Share them with your customers and prospects.

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