An All-Season Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid Can Save Time, Money and Headache

For operators of heavy-duty off-road machinery, a change of seasons typically means a change in transmission fluids and other component lubricants. Particularly if you’re adhering to the Caterpillar TO-4 specification, and relying on monograde fluids, you most likely will need to change viscosity grades based on temperature changes. For example, moving from a SAE 30 viscosity during the warmer months to a SAE 10W as winter sets in. This can create some headaches for fleet maintenance teams. It means having to inventory multiple products for the same application. Then there is the time and cost involved in changing out the fluids, which entails taking an expensive piece of equipment out of service.

To address these issues and make life a little easier for maintenance managers, Chevron has two high-performance heavy-duty transmission and drive-train lubricants under the Delo® TorqForce banner: Delo® TorqForce MP, a multi-purpose synthetic blend fluid meeting the CAT TO-4 and TO-4M specifications and Delo® TorqForce Syn SAE 5W-30, a full synthetic fluid meeting the CAT TO-4 specification. The main advantage of these products is that they allow for much wider temperature operating ranges, meaning you can leave them in all year-round, whether in mid-summer heat or sub-zero conditions. This eliminates the twice-a-year exercise of changing viscosity grades, as well as the need to carry more than one transmission lubricant – without compromising performance or adherence to the OEM specification.

What’s more, both these lubricants are designed and approved for use in hydraulic systems, enabling you to further consolidate your inventory with a single, all-season fluid that can be used in multiple applications.

Delo TorqForce MP and TorqForce Syn SAE 5W-30 come with all the properties long associated with the TorqForce line: smooth frictional control and clutch performance, wear protection for moving parts, and a long service life. However, the importance of a transmission fluid is not limited to the transmission. Having a reliably performing lubricant in the transmission system actually helps the engine perform more efficiently, especially during start-up.

There are measurable savings in avoiding the seasonal fluid change-out, including inventory consolidation, labor, disposal, and reduced downtime. The bigger cost reductions from these two products can be realized in all climates, including where a monograde is typically used all year round. Both of these products have the capability to extend fluid service intervals, lowering your annual operating labor and product cost.  Because of the high-performance properties, they are also capable of extending component rebuild times driving down your overall equipment operating cost. A Chevron representative has the tools to help you measure these cost impacts to your specific business. Reach out to a Chevron Representative today.


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