Addressing Grease Shortages Starts with Soap Thickeners – Polyurea, lithium complex, and calcium sulfonate most popular thickeners

Cox Construction Limited is a road construction company headquartered in Guelph, Ontario Canada. They specialize in asphalt paving, custom crushing, and civil infrastructure. With 70 on-highway vehicles, 75 off-highway units, and 76 years in business, Cox is one of the most respected road contractors in the region. They’ve always embraced new technology and a desire for continuous improvement. So, when their Chevron representative showed them how much they could save by converting their fleet to Chevron Delo® 600 ADF 10W-30, it was an easy decision.

Regular oil analysis on every unit gave them the confidence to double their drain intervals from 500 to 1000 hours. That change alone is saving them $75,000 per year. They’re also not using as many filters or generating as much used oil, which is good for the environment and their bottom line. And since making the switch, they’re also seeing fewer regens, and getting close to 5,000 hours between DPF cleanings on some units, resulting in a 1-2% improvement in fuel economy — essentially, everything that Chevron Delo 600 ADF is formulated to do.

As they put it, “When you choose the right formulation for your operation it can have a huge impact on your business.”

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