Chevron Lubricants’ business model is a blend of knowledgeable people, targeted products and customized services that can help lower operational costs while maximizing machinery uptime.


65% of heavy-duty mobile equipment operators use oil analysis to monitor the condition of their equipment and establish appropriate drain intervals.


40% of heavy industry oil analysis users expect to increase their use of monitoring techniques like oil analysis in the next three years.


79% of large industrial plants in the United States use oil analysis as a diagnostic tool on their equipment.


4% of a typical industrial maintenance budget goes toward lubricant costs. Yet, lubricant-related downtime can cost over 50% of your budget.


The LubeWatch® Oil Analysis Program Provides:

  • Accurate results on six basic test packages and a wide variety of specialized testing procedures
  • Reliable interpretation of test results and actionable recommendations based on the data
  • 24-hour turnaround of tests and analyses indicating abnormal or critical steps will be provided by phone, fax or e-mail in 90% of cases
  • Advanced technical services including component failure and/or wear particle analysis
  • Expert training and in-field counsel and support
  • Cost-effective standard and specialty tests
  • Added assurance of oil and system integrity when running on an extended oil drain interval program

Standard Test Packages and Specialty Tests

LubeWatch simplifies the process of testing by creating standard test packages for frequent, typical applications. The six test packages for standard, used oil analysis are:
C1 Lubrication — Basic*
C2 Diesel Crankcase*
C3 Natural Gas*
C4 Industrial Oils*
C5 Metal Working Fluids
C6 Turbine Oils

* For all paper machine oils and any oils in which free water is detected—run % water by Karl Fisher (D1744)

On- and Off-Highway

Agriculture, Automobile, Construction, Forestry, Mass Transit, Mining & Quarrying, Railroad, Trucking.

Equipment Type Suggested Sampling Frequency (in hours & miles)
Diesel Engine 250 hours 10,000 miles
Gasoline Engine 5,000 miles
Transmissions 300 hours 20,000 miles
Gears, Differentials and Final Drives 300 hours 20,000 miles
Hydraulics 300 hours 20,000 miles


Cement, Food & Beverage, Marine Equipment, Natural Gas Distribution, Oil & Gas Exploration, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Sugar Mills.

Equipment Type Suggested Sampling Frequency (Normal Use & Intermittent Use )
Diesel Engine Monthly, 500 hours Quarterly
Natural Gas Engine Monthly, 500 hours Quarterly
Gas Turbines Monthly, 500 hours Quarterly
Steam Turbines Bi-monthly Quarterly
Air, Gas Compressors Monthly, 500 hours Quarterly
Refrigeration Compressors Bi-monthly Quarterly
Hydraulics Bi-monthly Quarterly

Add LubeWatch® To Your Maintenance Program.

Submitting oil or other lubricants for LubeWatch oil analysis is simple. Contact your Chevron representative, or visit www.chevronlubricants.com to contact the LubeWatch program lab nearest your location. The lab will set up your account and send a sampling kit to you. After pulling a sample, simply send it back with complete sample information to the lab in the pre-addressed LubeWatch mailing container.

Setting a Foundation for Reliability

The best way to address the future is to have a firm grasp of the present. When you create a detailed profile of your work environment, we can bring the full predictive powers of LubeWatch to bear. These profiles identify your oil, fuel and equipment types, applications and special needs. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly fill out a LubeWatch sample information form for all samples—particularly on the initial round. This confidential information will help LubeWatch labs conduct appropriate test procedures to accurately analyze the used oil samples. When you provide accurate and complete information on the equipment from which the sample has been taken, LubeWatch analysts can make the most accurate evaluation and recommendations that benefit your overall equipment effectiveness.

Achieving World-class Performance

LubeWatch is designed to help you achieve world-class performance through the Reliability-based Lubrication (RbL™) Program. Incredible care and attention to detail were brought to every aspect of the program development and lab evaluation process. The driving force behind this intensive effort was to bring greater value through accurate and insightful data interpretation—as well as outstanding technical expertise and service—to our marketers and customers. We are very proud of this program and invite you to use our achievement to create new standards of your own.

For Us, Reliability Isn’t a Promise — It’s a Legacy

Building reliability into your day-to-day business takes commitment. We should know.
At Chevron, we’ve created a corporate culture that revolves around safety and reliability. We combine that with our legacy of industry-leading innovation in product formulation to deliver Reliability-based Lubrication. It’s an extension of who we are, and it sets us apart from lubricant vendors that just talk about reliability. At Chevron, we live it.


If you could use more reliability from your equipment or your lubrication partner, please contact your Chevron representative or visit us online.


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