What does it mean to be a
Chevron 1st Source Lubrication Marketer




What is 1st Source?

Chevron 1st Source  is a commitment, a dedication, to the highest levels of service and product delivery.

1st_Source_Logo.pngYou need more than a supplier. You need an ally that is committed to the success of your business. You need a partner with a proven track record of success. That's why you should work with a Chevron 1st Source Lubrication Marketer. When you work with a Chevron 1st Source Marketer, you get a partner that has attained the highest ranks of performance, customer satisfaction and profitable growth. Eljay Oil is your Chevron 1st Source Marketer and your success is our top priority.

We Are Our Customer's 1st Source of
>  Continuous Supply & Service
>  Proven Satisfaction
>  Lubricant Knowledge & Business Expertise
>  Value & Profitable Growth
>  Quality Chevron Products


Contact us to find out how Eljay Oil can help make your business more profitable.
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Bulk Fuels, Lubricants & DEF

Randy Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185

email:  randy@eljayoil.com


CFN Fleet Fuel Card Program, Accounts Receivable, Billing

Jeff Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185

email:  jeff@eljayoil.com


Lubricant & DEF Sales

Doug Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185

email:  doug@eljayoil.com


Dispatch/Lubricant & DEF Sales

Pat Sine

Phone: 509 926-9595

toll free: 800 426 6185

email: pat@eljayoil.com