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Your Eljay Oil FleetWide cardlock fueling program brings you the most advanced fueling controls and more than 40,000 sites across the United States and internationally, 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year, including cardlocks for control, retail for convenience and truck stops for over the road. Everywhere you see a CFN or Fuelman fueling station, your Eljay Oil FleetWide card is welcome and accepted. With Eljay Oil FleetWide, convenient fueling locations allow you the ease of carrying one fueling card that provides you with a single detailed invoice to better manage your fuel purchases. And most importantly, Eljay Oil FleetWide will give you a fueling program tailored to your fleet’s requirements, including an unrivaled diesel network, best in class security controls, 24/7 access to fueling locations and account management, along with a single detailed invoice for optimum fuel management.

Eljay Oil is your Spokane Cardlock Network dealer and your Single Source Supplier for commercial fuels of all types. Contact us today for answers to all your Cardlock fueling questions.


Our newly rebranded Valleyway Cardlock Fueling location



Eljay FleetWide is NOW accepted at ALL 8,500 Chevron and Texaco locations throughout the United States giving Eljay cardholders even more fueling choices.



Eljay Oil Service Representatives are available in your neighborhood which means personal local service. Whether setting up your account, setting card profiles, issuing cards, location mapping to sites or providing service listings for all locations, Eljay Oil representatives are available to help you with every detail.

Eljay Oil works tirelessly to exceed all your fueling related expectations.  Let us help you experience the very best in customer service!

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